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Japan Quality



Our oil production factory is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows to perform accurate dosing, mixing and control outputs. We use a base oil of the highest quality and range of advanced additives designed individually for each quality class. In work on the formulations of lubricants, our engineers, besides world experience, are using their own innovative developments from the field of chemistry and nanoscale physics.

In production of our oils we use unique molecular nanotechnology Bi-POWER - double engine power, which was developed by Japanese scientists and it helps to:

  • increase the maximum power of the engine
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • reduce the amount of harmful gases which go into the atmosphere

Due to the unique complex of Bi-POWER, synthesized on the basis of a super new Japanese molecular nanotechnology, lubricants provide unique high quality during the entire operation time, and besides that they provide:

  • 7 % more engine power
  • 5 % lower fuel consumption
  • 8 % less emission compared to similar types of motor oil, as well as:
  • impeccable engine protection from wear and tear
  • keeps engine clean
  • stable engine performance under any load
  • easier cold start
  • consistently high viscosity index under extreme operation conditions.


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